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  • Associated Ministries
    901 S 13th St, Tacoma, WA 98405

Access Point 4 Housing

Agency: Associated Ministries of Tacoma-Pierce County - Housing and Shelter Services

901 S 13th St
Tacoma, WA, 98405 Map
Phone: (253) 682 - 3401
Hours: Phone Line: M-F, 9am-Noon, 1pm-3pm

Service Description

AP4H is a partnership between Associated Ministries, Catholic Community Services, Comprehensive Life Resources and Greater Lakes Mental Healthcare to conduct coordinated entry into Pierce County's homeless services.
Homeless families, individuals, and unaccompanied youth or young adults are screened for eligibility.
Once eligibility is determined the household is scheduled with an appointment to have a creative discussion about housing options.
If no housing options are determined during this conversation then the household is prioritized for housing resources in Pierce County.
Being prioritized for housing is not a guarantee that the household will be housed.

Comprehensive Life Resources and Greater Lakes Mental Healthcare will conduct street outreach to those experiencing homelessness and conduct conversations and prioritization on an as needed basis.


Access: Accessible for disabled
Days of the Week: Friday; Monday; Thursday; Tuesday; Wednesday


Households that are literally homeless or fleeing domestic violence.

Homeless situations include:
 - living in shelter,
 - on the streets,
 - in a car/vehicle,
 - fleeing domestic violence.

Couch surfing, doubling up with family or friends, or staying in a hotel may not count.

Application Instructions

Call to start the process.

If currently experiencing homelessness press option 1.
If an unaccompanied youth, press 2.

STEP 1 Screening - During the initial phone call, a Coordinated Entry Specialist will determine eligibility for diversion, transitional housing, rapid re-housing, and permanent supportive housing services within Pierce County.
The call usually takes about 15 minutes, where the caller provides information about their specific housing situation.
If the household is eligible a screener will schedule an appointment with an assessor.

STEP 2 Creative Discussion - Once a household is scheduled for a discussion, they need to bring an income statement. This appointment may take place at a different location.

STEP 3 Prioritization Pool - If no housing options are found, an individual or household will be placed in the prioritization pool. This is not a guarantee of housing services.


No fees for the screening and intakes.

Business Hours

Office Hours: M-F, 9am-5pm AP4H - M-F, 9am-3pm

Area Served

Greater Tacoma and Pierce County.


Telephones: types, numbers and hours
Main (253) 383 - 3056
Access Point 4 Housing (253) 682 - 3401
Fax (253) 383 - 2672
Toll Free (800) 431 - 1700

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